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Reward volunteer & mentor contributions by developing a swag plan for what swag to give out and to who
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Possible options and cost estimate in here: Doc as of now visible only to WMF staff members.

Event Timeline

Discussions between fundraising operations and developer advocacy took place on this topic last year. Notes here.

The next step is to set up a separate portal with the items we want to ship to 100-150 technical contributors. The fulfillment center will help set up this portal based on our needs—TE to work with the fundraising team on the next steps.

Email sent to 85 swag candidates. Closing this task now.

Summary: 19/85 people didn't claim swag ~ 22%. Out of these 19 people, at least 7 shared their reason for not being willing to accept swag items:

  • 4 people were not interested and shared their reason along the lines of minimalism and that they are not interested in owning too many items
  • 1 person shared privacy concerns around disclosing their physical address
  • 1 person is a staff member and doesn't feel comfortable claiming an item as a staff member
  • 1 person said they already have the items and would be interested in more tech-themed swag.

Some people who claimed swag upon sending reminders a couple of times shared that email from Kotis landed in their spam folders - something to consider for the future round.