Search Suggest bugs (tracking)
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This is just for tracking Search Suggest bugs.

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement


T4007: [DO NOT USE] Tracking bug [superseded by the #Tracking tag]
Blocked By
T66233: Search suggestions box is displaced on Internet Explorer 8 since MediaWiki 1.22
T60309: opensearch: Querying for "Big" or "Big!" should include "Big" or "Big!" as first suggestion
T61172: Search suggestions cause performance hit on slower machines
T56091: Search suggestions misplaced in Vector if there is window overflow (horizontal scrollbar)
T43342: jquery.suggestions should cancel any active (async) fetches before it triggers another fetch
T36756: SimpleSearch should use native event handling (open link in or submit form to a new tab)
T46393: SearchSuggest should allow native "submit to new tab" functionality to work
T42855: Provide the "containing... <search term>" right away instead of waiting for an API request
T37974: Search submit button and SearchSuggest should support native "open link in new tab" functionality
T34187: Replace user-agent sniffing $.client.test with feature detection in Vector SimpleSearch
T32323: PrefixSearch: Add support for multiple namespaces
T25609: search bar suggestions (mw_suggest+TitleKey) should first check exact matches of given prefix
T27399: Search suggest shouldn't offer unlisted special pages
T32309: SimpleSearch dropdown not wide enough for long titles
T32089: Make SimpleSearch parameters to ApiOpenSearch configurable
T22237: OpenSearch: Add support for getting titles of in-title matches (instead of just prefix)
T22210: Typeahead search drop-down suggestions for special page parameters
T22190: Suggestions/autocomplete in search box mis-capitalizes first letter
T26845: Using down key skips every second item in search suggestions in Chrome
T21956: Suggestions in search for Wikipedia Mobile
T28443: Search suggestions for namespace prefix returns single page result (Lucene + SimpleSearch / mwsuggest / opensearch)
T23167: Make entries in the search suggestions dropdown actual hyperlinks
T26591: Search suggestions: Arrow+down not announced in screen reader, often speaks results of one letter less
T24773: [PrefixSearch] Namespace name part of prefix search query should not override given namespace id(s)
T16620: Search suggest should allow cycling in results
T22868: Search suggest shouldn't offer special pages with limited access to users who don't have such rights
T18235: Search suggestions container not working well for skins placing search box in the footer
T26237: SimpleSearch Suggestions match highlighting broken
T26214: mediawiki.searchSuggest: Support user search namespace preferences
T19808: Have search suggest results open in a new tab on middle click
T24272: Search-suggestions should priorize Articles which start with the exact charsequenze entered
T22529: Sometimes wrong search suggestion ("Wikipedia:" instead of "Wikipédia:)
T15941: AJAX drop-down search (MWSuggest) obscures Go and Search buttons in Monobook skin
T25985: mediawiki.legacy.mwsuggest shouldn't be loaded if ext.vector.simpleSearch is loaded
T15848: Way for anons to disable search box AJAX suggestions
T17280: Search (or AJAX Suggestions) should try expanding/contracting ordinals (e.g. Fourteenth should find 14th)

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