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Investigate potential outcomes of an in-product survey about safety
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Editors of a wiki project might react differently to a survey displayed in the middle of their experience. This task wants to investigate what could be the potential outcomes, consequences and drawbacks of an in-product survey about safety.

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Questions that a user might have

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Hi @aminalhazwani ! @KCVelaga_WMF and I are working on a meta portal that should address some of these questions (maybe hopefully to link within the survey itself?). I can't tell how much my commenting here will add noise to your work, so I'll say: Always feel welcome to contact me if you'd like to discuss further or brainstorm together, or if I can help input or add resources in any way. Following the design process has been fascinating and I look forward to learning more!

Hi @TAndic! Thanks for reaching out -- Yes, I would love to connect. Feel free to add any comment or link here, it's more than welcome. It would be very helpful for me to learn more around this topic since I am new to the Foundation. Maybe after I went through your comments and materials if you're up for it we could schedule a call to further discuss together!