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Make "arrowhead" <li> items clickable in some cases
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In some contexts, it would be nice if the user could click on the "arrowhead" <li> items in order to skip to a certain step. To start with, I would suggest being able to click on Upload when you're on the Learn step (since people may not scroll all the way to the bottom of the Learn page) and vice versa (since people may want to refer back to the tutorial after skipping it).

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neilk wrote:

This is a fairly hard bug to tackle as the wizard doesn't preserve state in the right way to allow skipping back and forth. I don't think I actually assigned you this bug? Thought it was going to be handled after 1.0.

It was a spin-off of a bug assigned to me. Feel free to re-prioritize it or reassign it.

a.d.bergi wrote:

Skipping back and forth may be another issue, see also Bug 24760.
But I think making the next li-element a link with the same behavior as the [next]-Button shouldn't be too hard.

  • Bug 24760 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

My understanding of this bug is, currently, that there's very little reason to make the actual navigation bar clickable. There is, at least, a patch that adds remove capability to the "describe" step, where it actually makes sense, but the other steps don't need forward/back functionality, because then it doesn't make sense.

(In reply to comment #5)

I second this, I don't think it will always make sense to go to a previous state. It does sometimes as Ryan explained with the example of tutorial but if its only clickable sometimes it would create confusion.

It can also make sense to put the skip button on top.

I'm going to close as WONTFIX since it doesn't seem like there is any consensus for implementing such a feature.