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<Code Stewardship Review> Citoid Ownership
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Request Status: New Request
Request Type: code stewardship review
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Request Title: Citoid Ownership

  • Request Description: Citoid is a critical part of the WMF platform that generates citations for Wikipedia articles. Currently it is maintained by only a single contractor who does basic maintenance and enhancements. This contractor is managed by the editing team, that has little experience with APIs (which is what Citoid is) and leads to a bigger question of which team(s) should ultimately maintain Citoid to ensure it has adequate levels of support. Currently code review is done by the editing team.
  • Indicate Priority Level: Low
  • Main Requestors:Valerie Puffet-Michel
  • Ideal Delivery Date: TBD
  • Stakeholders: Community-facing product

Request Documentation

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October 18, 2021 Meeting w/Valerie and Desiree to Review Request:

  • Currently we have one contractor actively working on Citoid codebase, that spends about 15 hrs per week
  • Html meta-data is a dependency of Citoid:
  • Citoid is an API
  • Valerie’s team could do code-review while we work on resolving ownership, however it is important to note that they have more experience with javascript and less experience with APIs
  • Citoid has its own PHAB board to track minor enhancments and bug fixes, but it lacks a clear vision or roadmap as a product
  • Sometimes there are changes that touch Mediawiki that the team would like to have PET review
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For everyone's info, currently no Code-Stewardship-Reviews are taking place as there is no clear path forward and as this is not prioritized work.
(Entirely personal opinion: I also assume lack of decision authority due to WMF not having a CTO currently. However, discussing this is off-topic for this task.)