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Research and design basic ci processing scripts (to exit 1 for tools that report errors and generate report artifacts)
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It would be nice to have a working example of this, and some accompanying documentation, but I'm not sure if/when this paradigm should be followed. That would likely need to be clarified within a Wikimedia .gitlab-ci.yml style guide. Yes, this will likely always be the "cleanest" approach, but it might also be more of a hassle given the ease and flexibility that most security-related reporting can likely be accomplished by simple shell commands, python -c one-liners, etc. And the fact that, currently, gerrit + jenkins ci tends to favor raw output over report artifact generation for the time being.

sbassett moved this task from In Progress to Frozen on the Security-Team board.

I'm going to decline this as invalid for now as I do not believe it is relevant to the work the Security-Team is currently pursuing this quarter (Q2 2021 Oct to Dec). At some point in the future, this task could possibly be re-worded and taken up again.