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Investigate self-hosted platforms for running surveys
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Oct 26 2021, 1:05 PM
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Some folks are (understandably) unhappy with using third-party tools like Google Forms for surveys, e.g. for the Coolest Tool Award nominations in or in for the Small Wiki Tools User Feedback Survey. Other Wikimedia Foundation teams or departments have also used other platforms (e.g. Qualtrics) for running surveys.

This makes it look like a cross-team topic.

Maybe the Wikimedia Foundation (though unclear which department) could find capacity to check whether anything feasible exists that could provide similar functionality (also on the data analysis part) while being preferably self-hosted.

Several things like , expanding , looking at , have been mentioned.

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so I wanted to notify that I've uploaded a major upgrade of "CIForms". (all submission data can now be accessed from a special page and optionally downloaded as pdf)
This is the new documentation page

This is the repository on Gerrit


Latest example for a need: T303069

@Aklapper can you post a demo of limesurvey on a real wiki ? I have checked their demos but I would like to evaluate how it integrates in the wiki. Regarding ciforms, I was thinking to add an option to navigate through form sections instead than displaying them in the same page/frame. This would make ciforms more suitable to surveys, without being yet a replacement for the complexity of limesurvey.

I cannot but anyone is free to try on testwiki or such

I have tried to emulate all the input fields provided by limesurvey


(with the latest version of CIForms, 1.3)

it's not precisely a self-hosted solution (inasmuch as it depends on Mediawiki) but it could be used as a quick solution to deliver surveys on Mediawiki itself.

Heh, right, it is. However is not great. Let me fix that first.