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element (".mw-echo-ui-notificationItemWidget-content-message-header") still not displayed after 5000ms
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Seemingly a repeat of T227009: selenium-daily-beta-Echo Jenkins job failing; was disabled in rECHOe76e9f9b5ca5: Selenium: Fix failing Jenkins job by disabling failing tests and re-enabled in rECHO05f3e66a9d7e: Selenium: Fix failing test by only running tests tagged @daily

Seen in an unrelated MW patch in job

16:49:49 [0-0] Error in "Echo checks for welcome message after signup"
16:49:58 element (".mw-echo-ui-notificationItemWidget-content-message-header") still not displayed after 5000ms
16:49:58 INFO:backend.PhpWebserver:[Tue Oct 26 16:49:59 2021] [200]: /api.php
16:49:59 [0-0] FAILED in chrome - /tests/selenium/specs/echo.js