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Build and publish python-logstash deb for Buster
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In T294148: Replace deployment-imagescaler03 (stretch) with deployment-imagescaler04 (buster) I am trying to bring up a new host which uses the thumbor::mediawiki role. The thumbor module requires the python-logstash package but it is not found. Looks like there is a Stretch package in but not one for Buster. The python3-logstash package won't do because thumbor uses Python 2.

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Hi @jijiki. I'm pinging you first since you usually take care of Scap debs for us.

I've been informed that @jijiki is unavailable for a while so looking for others.

I can do the repackage for you, but if the goal is to get thumbor to run on buster, that's a much more complicated task AFAIK, I'll comment on the parent task.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2021-10-26T22:59:05Z] <legoktm> uploaded python-logstash to buster-wikimedia for T294393

Legoktm claimed this task.