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Edit toolbar inserts "{{ns:file}}" (which doesn't work in <gallery>) instead of wgFormattedNamespaces[6]
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With the beta-toolbar enabled I click on the "Advanced functions" (Geavanceerde functies), there I can add a gallery and a table with something strange.

Clicking the gallery-button I get:

"{{ns:file}}" should be there "Bestand".

Clicking on the table-button I get:
{| class="wikitable" border="1"
and more...

But the border="1" is basic part of the class wikitable, so this code is totally useless and meaningless in tables with this class on nl-wiki.

I noticed it since the upgrade from 1.16 to 1.17, but I do not know if it is related.

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tagging as 1.17 related just in case.

Is this still an issue after the localization cache update today? wrote:

Yes it still is a problem.

I thought I saw a commit from Roan fixing this but I'm not sure if it was verifified afterwards.

if a commit revision can be found and verified that it's fixed in trunk, we can close this bug.

And ofcourse tag it 1.17wmf1 (perhaps REL1_17 as well, since it's a bug that makes certain usage of the WikiEditor impossible)

Assigning to Roan

An old message got stuck in the message blob cache. Fixed now.