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Mapframe boundaries no longer able to be drawn as lines
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List of steps to reproduce (step by step, including full links if applicable):

  • Go here
  • Click on the map at left

What happens?:
There is no longer a border drawn around the college campus. The code used is:

|title1=Claremont Colleges boundary
|title2=Pomona College boundary
|frame=yes |frame-align=center |frame-lat=34.0978 |frame-long=-117.7119 |zoom=14 |frame-width=230 |frame-height=180
|text=Campus map, showing the boundary disappearance bug

The bug also appears if the mapframe tag is used directly, e.g.:

<mapframe text="Campus map with mapframe tag directly" width=230 height=180 zoom=14 latitude=34.0978 longitude=-117.7119>
  "type": "ExternalData",
  "service": "geoline",
  "ids": "Q7227384",

The only way to get it to work currently is to use |type=line or "service": "geoshape", which does not produce the desired behavior in this instance (the entire center of the shape is clickable and pops up with the border label, instead of just the border itself).

What should have happened instead?:
A border should have been drawn around the campus, as used to happen.

Event Timeline

This is due to recent fix attempt in T288400 that made relations available via geoline service again, with the trade-off of individual ways (not relation members) with wikidata tag no longer being available. Earlier I also referenced a couple of street ways that no longer are available (T288400#7394159). Possibly this task should be merged into that other task.

NB: I see that single-member relations (13381171, 13381209) have been created a little while ago for these particular examples. Hence likely these'll reappear via geoline service soon, but we really shouldn't create single-member relations in OSM for each object that's currently missing on Wikipedia.

Edit: I now realize these new single-member relations are of type=site. Relations of this type weren't supported and aren't covered in updated imposm mapping (referenced in T288400), and so in this form these relations probably won't be available via geoline/geoshape either after all. As this is a complex relation type, often containing multiple types of geometry, it may be tricky to support it properly on Wikimedia maps. However, to be clear, individual ways with wikidata tag (458898308 and 458898309 in this case) definitely were supported via geoline until recently.

Edit2: Now these single-member relations have been changed to type=multipolygon. So particular examples in task description work again due to this workaround.

@Pikne, thanks; it's helpful to know what's happening here. Which OSM relation types are currently supported?

@Pikne, thanks; it's helpful to know what's happening here. Which OSM relation types are currently supported?

Until recently type=multipolygon, type=route and type=boundary were supported, as also documented here. As part of work done in T288400 mapping for types of relations was updated. I haven't tested others, but type=waterway seems to work now, too. However, I'm not sure if this is stable and should be advertised yet due to remaining regression in current implementation.