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Fix MediaWiki-Docker/Extension/CirrusSearch
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This is a microtask for T256239: Create MediaWiki-Docker documentation for all repositories with Selenium tests. See that task for more information and how to get help.

  • If you are working on this task, assign it to yourself, so others know it's already taken.
  • Read the MediaWiki-Docker documentation for the repository: MediaWiki-Docker/Extension/CirrusSearch.
  • Set up the repository on your machine.
  • Run Selenium tests.
  • Read the repository documentation: Extension:CirrusSearch.
  • You might need to read repository source code: CirrusSearch.
  • You might need to contact developers of the repository. Developers/Maintainers lists which team is in charge of which repository.
  • Find what's missing from the MediaWiki-Docker documentation for the repository. Update the page. If the Selenium tests pass, you're done.

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The Search Platform team does not see much value in those selenium tests. We have additional integration tests that run more complex tests and those are the one that provide value. It might make more sense to completely kill the selenium tests instead of trying to fix them. Please contact @dcausse or @EBernhardson for more context if needed.

@Gehel this task is only about fixing the MediaWiki-Docker documentation for CirrusSearch. (As far as understand it, the extension might be to complicated to set up using MediaWiki-Docker.) Selenium test suite is just checking if the extension is set up correctly.

There's nothing wrong with Selenium tests in the repository. If you wish to delete them, that's fine with me.

Change 782189 had a related patch set uploaded (by Zfilipin; author: Zfilipin):

[mediawiki/extensions/CirrusSearch@master] WIP selenium: Run tests targeting mediawiki-docker

Change 782189 abandoned by Zfilipin:

[mediawiki/extensions/CirrusSearch@master] WIP selenium: Run tests targeting mediawiki-docker