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Projects for interim period
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Per previous discussion, we would like a list of smaller projects we can work on after the Image-Suggestions experiment begins.

T272146: Automatically ping newcomers when their question has been answeredImproves mentor/mentee communications.Tools for implementing this exist, we just need some time for coding / QA'ing.@kostajh
T296646: [Epic] Migration of front-end modules to Vue.js componentsModernize JS code used by GrowthExperiments.@Sgs will create a parent task for Vue migration, and that will have smaller tasks to migrate individual components (like HelpPanel dialog, PostEdit dialog, Mentor question, SuggestedEdits, help panel button). I doubt we'd do all of those now; realistically we could pick one or two features to migrate.@kostajh, @Sgs
T248330: [EPIC] Growth: Positive reinforcementOverhauls the impact module, among other thingsWould we do all of T248330: [EPIC] Growth: Positive reinforcement or just some subset?@kostajh, @RHo
T284485: Think about Growth features being used by non-WikipediasMakes Growth features available to even more users. Impact can be highly significant if "non-Wikipedias" will mean primarily projects like Wikimedia Commons or Wikidata.As of 2021-11, Growth features are available on all Wikipedias (except Chinese). While that is a major accomplishment, users from non-Wikipedias will benefit from the features as well (certainly mentorship, maybe suggested edits). We should think about possible tasks we can offer to non-Wikipedias.@Urbanecm_WMF
T276517: [EPIC] Growth: "add a link" structured task 3.0Particularly if performance improvements are made (eg., T280991), this may increase the activation and retention rate not only for Add links, but may benefit other structured tasks. Improvements can also results in greater adption of the task across our wikis@RHo
T293711: [EPIC] "Add an image" Iteration 2Specifically the desktop implementation
Visual design refresh of Growth features (task tbc)Attract newer editors with a modern UI that is visually consistent with the revised Desktop refresh (aka New Vector)There may also be an added benefits of cleaner code if we incorporate creating new components built in Vue (e.g., a card/module component for the homepage) as part of this work, reducing use of overrides and hacks on OOUI.@RHo
T289012: Rename GrowthExperiments ResourceLoader files to follow MediaWiki conventionsMore consistent naming convention across the extensionParts of it are done@mewoph, @Sgs
T203941: Allow watchlist notifications to be delivered as web notification (through Echo)Allow watchlist notifications to be delivered as web notification (through Echo)Mostly done, needs some nudging to get over the finish online.@kostajh
T286366: Implement product key performance indicator monitoring for Growth features in GrafanaEasily see the health of the GrowthExperiments features across wikis, know early on if we have introduced a regressionWe would output some metrics to statsd and build a new dashboard@kostajh
more robust browser tests for common scenariosPrevent regressions, and reduce manual testing work needed.we have a beginning of this, but recently had to revert due to CI issues (T296508)@kostajh

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When is this "interim period" taking place?

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When is this "interim period" taking place?

A while ago... roughly December to April 2022, after launching Image-Suggestions and while new PM would be onboarding to the team. Cc'ing @KStoller-WMF, and resolving this.