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Enable Section Translation for Bashkir Wikipedia
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**Hello, the new feature of the Content Translation tool, Section Translation, is enabled in six Wikipedia editions, as far I know. So, my colleagues from Bashkir Wikipedia (one of the most active editions in terms of using of CT tool) ask to enable this tool also on ba.WP.

**Benefits: This will be very useful in terms of testing new features.

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4nn1l2 added a subscriber: 4nn1l2.

I can do this.

But we need a link to the local consensus on Bashkir Wikipedia. Please provide that in the description of the task, and then I will take care of this.

@4nn1l2 Thank you for interest. However, Language team will go with defined procedure (community discussion, local consensus and then technical analysis and deployment) before assigned task to anyone. @UOzurumba will take care of this.

Bashkir has been included in the latest set of wikis to enable: T285842: Enable Section Translation for Malayalam, Malay, Azerbaijani, Tamil, Bashkir and Albanian Wikipedias
Section Translation will be enabled soon, but you can keep track of the progress in the linked ticket above. I'll close this as a duplicate to avoid confusion.