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WDQS query returns dead links instead of SomeValue values
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While running this query I noticed a lot of links like "" pointing to non-existing pages, instead of some marking for "unknown value" aka SomeValue.

I do not know the proper way "unknown value" / SomeValue values should be display as , but probably dead URLs were not intended

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See the blank node deprecation announcement for more context on those URIs.

We can improve how they’re displayed, but for the record, previously “unknown value” (blank nodes) were shown as strings like t76842948 (“t” plus some random number), so it’s not like this was much better before the blank node deprecation.

such URLs should be redirected to an informational page.

We really ought to be doing better than this

To address the visualization within WDQS (and not the dereferencing): Would a new prefix wdunkownvalue: <> added to wikibase.queryService.RdfNamespaces.NAMESPACE_SHORTCUTS.Wikidata be a feasible solution? It doesn't sound too complex, and the descriptiveness of the prefix might guide WDQS users to the correct conclusion regarding its meaning, even those not familiar with skolemization and well-known URI as skolem IRIs.

That would probably work, but seems like a hacky and potentially misleading solution to me (misleading because you wouldn’t want to use this prefix in a query). I think it shouldn’t be that much more effort to implement this task “more properly”, it just hasn’t been a priority for the dev team so far. If anyone wants to work on it themselves, the relevant code would probably be in wikibase/queryService/ui/resultBrowser/helper/FormatterHelper.js, formatValue() method, and it would use a new i18n message (pointing to {{msg-mw|Wikibase-snakview-snaktypeselector-somevalue}} and {{msg-mw|Wikibase-snakview-variations-somevalue-label}} in qqq.json).