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block log entry duration message is broken in RTL wikis
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I recently noted that on RTL Wikipedia (such as Persian Wikipedia and Arabic Wikipedia), the "duration" message for block log entries is rotated and the order of words is not correct.


It reads:

Behzad.Modares (بحث | مشارکت‌ها | بسته شود) « (بحث)» را ۱ روز بست

However, instead of reading as "1 days" (in Persian) it is read as "days 1". This is because in the HTML code, the duration is surrounded by an HTML tag:

<span class="blockExpiry" dir="ltr" title="1 day">

Which has the dir value hardcoded. This breaks RTL layout and should be reverted. Such modifications should always take place at CSS level.

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That's because you yourself requested it in bug 25839.

Huji added a comment.Feb 17 2011, 1:30 PM

Well, I never asked this to be added hardcoded; I asked this to be added through CSS.

Also, I relied on Roan's comment there, that after this change the Arabic text for "1 week" was still shown in the correct order (I didn't check it myself).

The LTR rendering is still required when the block expiry is a timestamp. However, if the expiry is a localized text, it shouldn't be rendered as LTR.

Resolving dupe of 25839 so that we can all concentrate on that bug.

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