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Unable to "Change text" for link in thumbnail caption
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  1. Edit Revision 4895434 (Reduced test case) on
  2. Click inside lorem example link in paragraph and click "Change text". (Observe: You can now type "Lorem").
  3. Click inside foobar example link in thumbnail caption and click "Change text".


Selection and link change context are lost. Unable to type a text label.


Same as in a regular paragraph.

Other info:

It seems specific to pressing the Shift key when typing the first character. If I type a lowercase word for the text label, it works correctly both ways.

I use latest Firefox on macOS.

Kapture 2021-11-02 at 22.45.09.gif (396×699 px, 977 KB)

Might be related:

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This may be a similar problem to T294394. I can't reproduce now, so it might be fixed by the patch there.

Yep, it's now fixed on Thanks!

For the record, the edit context was previously lost upon pressing Shift itself (ahead of, not during pressing a character while holding down Shift).

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