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Investigate drop in Page Previews data
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YoY Desktop page previews have been dropping since April 2021. (Dashboard link)

image.png (797×1 px, 138 KB)

  • Look into different dimensions including browser, OS
  • Virtualpv schema was migrated to Event Platform in July 2021 (T238138) Would that have impacted data collection?
  • August drop is due to loss of eventlogging data (instrumentation issues identified and fixed in T288655)

Event Timeline triaged this task as Medium priority.Nov 9 2021, 6:24 PM
kzimmerman raised the priority of this task from Medium to High.Nov 18 2021, 5:19 PM

Given additional concerns in our October numbers, I'm raising the priority to high

For reference: Desktop Page previews vs. Desktop pageviews vs. all pageviews (desktop + mobile web)

Desktop Page Previews:

Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 3.10.43 PM.png (888×1 px, 167 KB)

Desktop pageviews:

Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 3.13.40 PM.png (850×1 px, 166 KB)

Pageviews across desktop & mobile web:

Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 3.11.00 PM.png (860×1 px, 164 KB)

kzimmerman lowered the priority of this task from High to Medium.Mar 14 2022, 9:38 PM

Re-prioritizing this to medium; it is still important, but questions around the pageview data loss have taken higher priority.