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Consider defining service names in some shared place
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Right now service names/addresses like sql-mariadb-secondary.default.svc.cluster.local in our values files.
This means the same string is repeated in multiple places.
We may want to read these from a shared place.
We should consider the pros and cons, and see what this would look like.

This probably also involves the investigation of base layers for our helmfile, that we don't use yet.

# Advanced Configuration: Layering
# Helmfile merges all the "base" state files and this state file before processing.
# Assuming this state file is named `helmfile.yaml`, all the files are merged in the order of:
#   environments.yaml <- defaults.yaml <- templates.yaml <- helmfile.yaml
- environments.yaml
- defaults.yaml
- templates.yaml


  • Service names / addresses are read from a shared place and not duplicated across environments

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Another alternative is a chart to compose these other charts together. See:

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