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[Codex Alpha] Support bi-directionality (LTR–RTL) in Codex
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Codex, our new toolset for building user interfaces within the Wikimedia Design System, must provide strong support for both left-to-right (LTR) and right-to-left (RTL) language scripts.

We need to review various considerations for bidirectionality and settle on a number of architectural choices to provide this support. This covers technological decisions as well as general principles and guidelines.


The following considerations will be broken down into subtasks:

  • Conversion of CSS properties between LTR and RTL for distribution or via ResourceLoader
    • Consideration of CSSJanus or equivalent solution for property flipping
    • Support of logical CSS properties, for example padding-start
    • Question of dynamic language changing without reloading
  • Support bidirectionality and specifically RTL when developing with Codex (to cover things like design language, naming, flipping right/left arrow functionality, etc.)
  • Document RTL support with Codex and how to build RTL-ready interfaces with it

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