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In different browsers, include all of its special pages, for example list of users. I'm a Russian, so if it uses a language from my browser settings, it can be Russian, but not Persian. The same situation in Torbrowser.

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Legoktm added a subscriber: Legoktm.

I believe this is on purpose, as it's being used for the fawiki arbcom elections.

Yes, by purpose. Please see T292685

@MBH: If you are asking this because of T295214, I think such testing can be done on non-production wikis, including the beta cluster and possibly

@Huji I can't start this testing for testwiki (and ruwiki and votewiki), I wrote T295214 because of this.

I think they turned off the electionadmin group for testwiki for some security reason.

Try the beta cluster: