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LiquidThreads namespaces are missing on Swedish Wikisource since 16 February 2011
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As of 16. February, probably with the 1.17 Mediawiki update, the liquid thread-namespaces (Tråd (Thread), Tråddiskussion (Thread talk), Summering (Summary), Summeringsdiskussion (Summary talk)) seems to have disappeared om Swedish Wikisource and doesn't show up anywhere.

This causes most fuctions in the Liquid Thread-extension to malfunction.

The problem seems local toSwedish Wikisource as other wikis with the Liquid thread extension I have checked (ie en.wiktionary and doesn't seem to have this problem.

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Confirmed working on SVN Head and 1.17wmf1 locally. So it seems to be a WMF config local thing. Nothing looks obviously out of place though

lars wrote:

It seems to work now, after Andrew Garret changed the config.

(In reply to comment #2)

It seems to work now, after Andrew Garret changed the config.

Mark this as fixed, then.