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Request increased quota for k8splay Cloud VPS project
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Project Name: k8splay
Type of quota increase requested: instance-count
Amount of quota increase: 16 (from currently 8)
Reason: temporary, for a k8s workshop (which this project was created for). We currently have about 12 participants and each should be able to have their own VM plus some room. Each should be able to start one instance of '2 CPU/4 GB' type to be able to run minikube.

Event Timeline

after the workshop has ended (max end of January), this can be reduced again to the previous value of 8 instances

aborrero triaged this task as High priority.
aborrero moved this task from Inbox to Approved on the Cloud-VPS (Quota-requests) board.
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Sounds good to me. @nskaggs will bump the quota soon.

Quota set to:
cores 36
ram 72GB
instances 20

This should give you enough for 16 x 2CPU+4G along with a little room. Thank you!

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2021-11-09T16:57:48Z] <balloons> set --cores 36 --ram 72000 --instances 20 T295376

Thank you very much for processing this so quickly.