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Send survey to most active Android app users through direct messaging
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The Android team is collecting information about prospective ideas for our messaging interface. We would like to send a direct message to our most active editors.


  • @SNowick_WMF to pull a list of most active editors from our target group and identify which users edit which wikis and send the list to @Johan
  • @Johan to write and translate a message to most active editors in order to share the survey with them on their talk page
  • @Johan to post message on most active editors talk page once receiving the list from @SNowick_WMF

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JTannerWMF updated the task description. (Show Details)

Editor name and edit counts by namespace for target user groups data is listed by group in spreadsheet shared with @Johan.
*Note: edit counts for country editors listed may be incomplete, the records shown were verifiable by country based on revision_id, if that data was not present on MobileWikiAppEdit schema, edit record might be missing. Anonymous IDs have been omitted from data pivot tables.

Johan updated the task description. (Show Details)

Delivered to 244 user talk pages, excluding the ones who had only made one or a couple of edits. Thanks, @SNowick_WMF!