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[Announcement] Make Volunteers Aware Automatic Topic Subscriptions are Available
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This task represents the work involved with making volunteers at the wikis we defined in T290502 aware when and how Automatic Topic Subscriptions are being made available to them.

Announcement components

This section contains what we would like volunteers to know after having read the announcement(s) we'll have posted.

  • The functionality/value does Automatic Topic Subscriptions offer people
  • How people can gain access to Automatic Topic Subscriptions
  • How people can disable to Automatic Topic Subscriptions if they do not like how it impacts their on-wiki experience
  • Where people can go/what they can do to share feedback about Automatic Topic Subscriptions


WikiLink to announcement
All [via Tech/NewsTech/News/2022/03

Deployment timing

Exact date is TBD.


  • Messages containing the "Announcement components" above are posted at yet-to-be-defined Wikipedias
  • Links to the messages posted at yet-to-be-defined Wikipedias are linked in the "Announcements" section above

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