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Sort out future of Wikimedia Tech Talks
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While discussing T293785 @srodlund and I realized that we have not had tech talks since 2020:

We may want to have a discussion about its future. This was also briefly discussed in the team meeting on 2021-11-04 (see notes).

Reboot? Keep on pause? Cancel? Change format and purpose of series?

This also influences whether to archive Wikimedia-Tech-Talks in Phab.

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I'd be very happy to see these return. I wonder if there is a way to lower the barrier to entry–preparing for a 10 minute talk, for example, might make it easier to get more presenters, and also gain a wider audience.

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The Developer Advocacy team discussed this today in our team meeting. For now, we're going to discontinue the Tech Talks, since it's not been running for 2 years now and our team won't be able to look into restarting these in the near future.

There is a potential for doing something more low-effort as a way to support more people with their first steps into speaking, but if it has a different format/audience/goal than Tech Talks, it should be labeled as its own new thing. We should revisit this idea in several months time, and figure out how it aligns with the other initiatives that we're already running and who has capacity to organise these.

This also influences whether to archive Wikimedia-Tech-Talks in Phab.

I went ahead and archived the project. We can always reactivate the project in the future if and when it is needed.