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Link to the privacy statement
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Nov 11 2021, 2:44 PM
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User story

Before I reply to a survey I want to know more about the privacy policy so I know what I'm getting into.


"Privacy statement" link in the survey footer should point to....

Design proposal

survey.jpg (882×864 px, 182 KB)

Event Timeline

@TAndic please update this ticket when privacy statement is ready and available for translation

jsn.sherman changed the task status from Open to In Progress.EditedDec 13 2021, 7:14 PM

Turns out I made a typo when I updated the message, which is currently point to:
For now, I just updated the url in the ca translation
, so that it should display correctly. This is a misuse of translatewiki, but I took the exceptional step since it is one message on one survey that will run for one day on one project.
If we get the test survey run this week, we should go back and fix the message the right way, which is to say that we should patch the message in WikimediaMessages.

To eliminate confusion, I took the liberty of updating the Description to reflect the updated privacy statement link that TAndic provided to us on December 6th, which should point to the following page:

image.png (1×1 px, 202 KB)

@Djackson-ctr this will certainly help when it comes time to fix this thing up correctly. Thanks!

@Djackson-ctr I'm not sure exactly how we got here, but the correct url is already in WikimediaMessages, showing in my original commit, and translated in translatewiki. We all saw that incorrect URL in the messages last week, so I really don't have an explanation.
Nevertheless, this should be ready for checking in beta.


I have verified that the updated link to the Privacy Statement has been implemented to the Catalan Test Survey, and is navigating the user to the correct page.

NOTE: I have only verified that this link is working for the Catalan Test Survey since this is the only test survey that we have deployed to Beta at the moment.

Compatibility Testing was performed on the following:
Desktop – Chrome version 96 Windows 10 / Microsoft Edge version 96 Windows 10 / Firefox version 95 / Windows 10 / Opera version 82.0.4227.23 Windows 10 / Safari version 15 Mac OS Monterrey / Safari version 14 Mac OS Big Sur.
Mobile Devices – Android version 11 Samsung FE20 phone / Android version 8.1 Galaxy A10 tablet / iOS version 15 iPad Pro 5th generation / iOS version 15 iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Below are screenshots of the Privacy link:
(NOTE: please disregard blurriness of screenshots, this is due to device simulation and is not related to the code change):

screenshots for Chrome version 96 / Windows 10:
(You will notice in the first two screenshots the new url in the bottom left-hand-corner is displaying the updated link to the Privacy Statement page, and the third screenshot is the new Privacy Statement page)

image.png (1×1 px, 138 KB)
image.png (1×1 px, 134 KB)
image.png (958×1 px, 196 KB)