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Evaluate deployed elasticsearch plugins for 7.10 compatability
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For each of the plugins deployed the production CirrusSearch clusters we need to look into their 7.10 compatability. For all plugins that are not available on 7.10 we need to decide what to do (port it forward, drop support, etc.).


  • plugins that are easy to upgrade to 7.10 are upgraded
  • list of problematic plugins for further discussion

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Gehel set the point value for this task to 5.Nov 22 2021, 4:26 PM

The following is our full set of plugins, cross checked a prod host and plugin_urls.lst of our deb packaging. I only looked the following up in their documentation, didn't download all the plugins and build an instance yet. Looking through things, it seems like the only external plugin we will need to port is hebrew, and we already knew that. The hebrew plugin has already been forward ported to 7.4 by the author, so it shouldn't be too hard to bring it the rest of the way forward. I do note that the hebrew analyzer is AGPL code, does that mean we need to make sure any changes, even if only to the build, are published in a public repo somehwere?

plugin7.10 support
wmf experimental-highlighterin progress T299226
wmf extrain progress T299226
wmf progress T299226
analysis-hebrewneeds porting from 7.4
EBernhardson added a subscriber: EJoseph.

Porting analysis-hebrew to 7.10 is also currently in progress by @EJoseph . Doesn't look to be anything directly necessary in this ticket.