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Gallery perrow width is overestimated
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default gallery results in galleryboxes of 155px wide, with 4 px of padding. That makes for 159 pixels. Times 4 results in 636 pixels. The maxwidth of the gallery is however 680 pixels, which is significantly more.

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Caused by r77411

Fixed in r83965

It's underestimated now. I'm running on the 1.17 branch and I found I needed to change the maxwidth calculation to this to get the right number of columns:

$maxwidth = $this->mPerRow * ( $this->mWidths + self::THUMB_PADDING + self::GB_PADDING + self::GB_BORDERS + 1) + 1;

Confirmed. Your fix is not enough; it starts breaking with more than 7 again. Tricky

Fixed in r87266. Tested with perrow up to 15

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