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Add userid of uploader to list=filearchive
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Add the user ID that uploaded the image version of a deleted image is not available with list=filearchive.

Maybe add faprop=userid.


See bug 19195.

Version: 1.18.x
Severity: enhancement



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  <fa name="WFM.png" user="1" />
  <fa name="WFM.png" user="1" />

Noted, that I uploaded and deleted it locally. I do notice, that although "user" gives the user id, but it doesn't the text

Just tweaked, as it read horribly
' user - Adds user who uploaded the image version',

So, this should already be done? As user returns the userid..

But should be tweaked for userid to retun the user id, and user to return the username

Brought those changes in in r82803

Why not change faprop=user to user_text and add faprop=userid with user. Than backport to 1.17. That is not a breaking change, because list=filearchive was added in 1.17. Than the prop and the output are like other modules.

That's what I did in r82803, well, asking for user gives both.

Will backport to 1.17 and 1.17wmf1


An extra faprop is not necessary, thats right.