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Rack msw2-eqiad in cab A8 for configuration
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A prerequisite for configuring the new QFX switches in eqiad row E/F is gaining serial console access to the new Opengear serial console server being ordered under T294779.

Connectivity to the console server will be via our OOB management as usual, which means installing the new msw2-eqiad switch in the new cage first. But there is a chicken and egg situation here, we can't configure the new management switch without serial console access to begin with.

To address this we would like to first get the new management switch installed into cab A8 temporarily, where we can pre-configure it with the correct port configuration, vlans, IP address etc. so it is reachable from our management network. When that is done we can power it down, move it to the new cage, and hopefully have IP connectivity to it right away.


The following elements will be needed to complete this. This msw2-eqiad will be a Juniper EX4300-48T device as far as I am aware, although right now I cannot find a task detailing it exactly. Working on that assumption.

1 x Juniper EX4300-48T switch
2 x 40GBase-LR4 QSFP+ optic modules (ordered under T291485)
1 x LC-LC single-mode fiber patch cable (1.5-2m)
1 x RJ45 / console cable (1.5-2m)

Cabling in rack A8

Please install the switch in whatever rack location is convenient, and connect the A/B power supplies with standard power cables.

The console port of the new switch should be connected to scs-a8-eqiad in the same rack. The Opengear port should be named and configured so we can get in.

One of the QSFP+ optics should be inserted into port 0 (et-0/1/0, furthest on the left) of the 4 QSFP+ ports on the back of the unit. The other QSFP+ module should go into the same location on msw1-eqiad (in the same rack). The LC-LC fiber patch cable should be run between these two optics.

Once all that is done let us know and we should be able to gain access via the console, configure things as needed and test that all is working. When that has been done we can move it to the new cage, where it will be connected back to msw1-eqiad in cab a8 again, on the same ports, but running over the inter-cage cabling provided by Equinix.


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I am confused, msw1-eqiad in A8 is already an EX-4300 48T. Do we want to replace with the same switch?

I am confused, msw1-eqiad in A8 is already an EX-4300 48T. Do we want to replace with the same switch?

This is just the time to configure and test the new switch, it will then move to the new cage.

Latest Junos recommended is 20.4R3-S1.3
I downloaded it to apt1001:/srv/junos/jinstall-ex-4300-20.4R3-S1.3-signed.tgz
You can also find it on if you have a Juniper account (and if you don't we should create you one :) )

The switch is racked and connected to scs-a8 port 8 temporarily. I zeroized the switch and attempting to install the updated OS.

JUNOS version updated JUNOS 20.4R3-S1.3 built 2021-11-20 10:32:03 UTC


msw2 connected to scs-a8 port 44
msw1 connected to scs-a8 port 40

added the QSFP+ modules to both servers and connected with a 2M LC-LC fiber. There is a plain-text password for msw2, I sent to you separately.

I will leave this open in case you have any issues. If everything looks correct, please resolve

The interface msw1:et-0/1/0 is alerting about CRC errors.

In the meantime I also added it to Netbox as disabled feel free to enable it for troubleshooting.

@ayounsi replaced the fiber and cleared interface statistics

Great thanks!
I updated Netbox to reflect reality (as required so automation can work), and pushed its initial config.
Could you connect the mgmt port (em0) to ge-0/0/0 (to itself).

Then we will be able to fully test it.

@ayounsi connected mgmt port em0 to itself ge-0/0/0

@ayounsi I am resolving this task, re-open if something is not right or still needed. Thanks