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Evaluate integration of Wikimedia Enterprise APIs into InternetArchiveBot
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As part of improving the scalability of InternetArchiveBot and reducing its impact on WMF production, InternetArchiveBot could substitute current calls to the MediaWiki API with calls to an equivalent Wikimedia Enterprise product. Documentation of different API calls is available here:

However, to the extent InternetArchiveBot is designed to be usable on third-party wikis, by third-party reusers of the code, we do not want to *remove* the traditional MediaWiki API calls. Rather, Wikimedia Enterprise "awareness" should be built either as an extension to InternetArchiveBot or as a core feature that can be enabled with a flag.

The ideal is we swap out one URL (representing an API call) for another and get the same results as we would before, but more likely we will have to write new functions mapping the Enterprise API return into IABot's internal object representation.