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Fix-It Week: Audit Existing TODOs and FIXMEs in WikiLambda PHP code
Open, Needs TriagePublic


  • Look at each use of FIXME, TODO, HACK, and similar inline comments in the WikiLambda extension's PHP code.
  • Check if each one of them names a Phabricator task by ID (e.g. // (T12345) TODO: This should be factored out into an interface).
  • If such a task doesn't yet exist, create one, tagged with Abstract Wikipedia team and Technical-Debt, and other tasks as appropriate.
  • If such a task already exists, check that it's still open; if not, comment on the task asking if the comment is still valid or otherwise check if it has since been resolved or over-taken by events. If it has, make a patch removing the comment and explaining why we no longer want to do it.