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Initialize WCQS production servers
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This ticket is for tracking final deployment steps for WCQS production. This does not include exposing the service to a general public, only steps to ensure up to date WCQS, with fully working Streaming Updater.


  • deploy streaming updater consumers to eqiad and codfw
  • clear the journals on all instances
  • Reload WCQS instances with the newest dump (can be done in parallel), streaming updater consumers should be turned off
    • wcqs1001
    • wcqs1002
    • wcqs1003
    • wcqs2001
    • wcqs2002
    • wcqs2003
  • generate revision map based on the same dump in yarn
  • initiate the streaming updater producers with the revision map previously generated
  • enable streaming updater consumers on all instances

After the process it should take few hours at most for all the instances to catch up with the lag (dashboard)

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