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Run test safety survey on 2 wikis
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Test the safety survey on ca.WP and fa.WP to ensure everything is working properly. This is a functional test. We will test both RTL and LTR languages.


Progress by Language

LanguageVillage Pump notifiedTranslations readyPrivacy policy uploadedSurvey ready
ca -- Catalan startedNot startedNot started
fa -- PersianNot startedNot startedNot startedNot started

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Should be helpful to see if there are any changes after the survey has been deployed.

Jhernandez renamed this task from Run test survey on 2 wikis to Run test safety survey on 2 wikis.Nov 29 2021, 5:20 PM
Jhernandez added a subscriber: TAndic.

Hi everyone! I made a mistake when I suggested a URL for the Privacy Statement to Legal, and didn't include "Legal:" in it.

They requested that we use this URL instead of what we currently have inputted in T29558 and T296488:

Is it possible to make this change? Apologies for the confusion.

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