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Update Install/Upgrade documents on Manual:Upgrading and Manual:Installing_MediaWiki
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Verify that the install/upgrade documents at (and maybe are correct.



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The docs in subversion (INSTALL, UPGRADE, etc) have all been fixed. still needs an overhaul, but that's nothing new :p

Sumana, do you think you could help find someone to help on this? Chad doesn't have time time now.

What is this report about? Still relevant?

With the current description it is impossible to help, or even figure out whether this is still an issue.

Yes, those pages plus the per-platform pages, which are all listed under

The problem is: the install/upgrade docs were never updated after the new installer was written. That, and the docs were ancient and scattered anyway (most of the stuff on the platform-specific pages is just forks of the primary install doc and not actually platform-specific at all).

Would this be a good task for Google Code-in?

Would anybody be willing to be a mentor for this documentation task for Google Code-in? If yes, could you add it to until
Sunday (we can still improve the description until December 1st)?
If time is spare I can also do that - I just need a statement who
would mentor it.

See for more information. Don't hesitate to ask if you have questions!

I would like to mentor this in GCI with support from others (if available).

Note that Manual:Upgrading is very decent now and has been improved a lot

I would like to mentor this in GCI with support from others (if available).

I will mentor this in Google-Code-In-2016

I am a newbie, and i am interested to solve this bug. Can I get more information about this bug.

I have read it, But i didn't understand the bug reported.

We cannot help if you do not have specific questions and do not explain what you don't understand and why. :-/

@Dheerajmalisetty: That's still a vague question and does not explain which specific issues are unclear and why. The task description feels pretty clear to me.
Maybe this task is not (yet) for you - please consider finding an easier one first.

It may be suitable for a newbie, in the sense that a newbie can follow the steps and try to install MediaWiki following the guide and detect any missing information, and improve the documentation. People that have experience with the software may overlook certain omissions that a newbies may find not so obvious.

Hello @Dheerajmalisetty

This task says: We have docs at and Someone should try installing using that documentation, and see if they are outdated or is wrong with such documents.

Note that this task was part of GCI-2016, but don't seem to be imported on GCI-2017. If you are interested in tackling this as part of GCI-2017, it should be imported before you started working on it (you could also perform it outside of GCI, of course).

Best regards

I tried to install using the documentation quoted by @Platonides. But in my view(as a newbie) I didn't find any errors in the documentation.
Thanks for helping me.

I tried to install

Did you succeed?

I followed the documentation and it seems fine to me. Is this task still open?

Aklapper removed a project: good first task.

No idea what's left here, indeed. Let's close. :)