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6.8.2. pre-release testing
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  • app start time
  • content load time

Engineering details on how to perform these measurements are located here (WIP).


  • screenshots
  • translations pulled in from TWN
  • smoke test in non-Latin language


  • smoke test
  • beta test
  • tablet display
  • VoiceOver

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Added 6.8.2 measurements here. I didn't see any significant slowdown concerns. I will move this into QA when we have a release candidate build in TestFlight.

Tsevener moved this task from Doing to Blocked or Waiting on the iOS-app-v6.8.2 board.
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Release candidate is Testflight build 6.8.2 (1867).

LGoto triaged this task as High priority.Dec 2 2021, 8:21 PM
ABorbaWMF moved this task from Needs QA to Ready for PM Signoff on the iOS-app-v6.8.2 board.
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Tickets are now in signoff and smoketest is nearly done. Moving to signoff.

Smoketest -

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Beta test ran from Dec 7-13th