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Translation issue with message Wikimedia:Wikipedia-library-9eb4f7-(If you would like to suggest/ru
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There is a duplicated `%(suggest)s``` suggested parameter in the translation interface of that string. And if I don’t use it, the warning “The following parameter is not used: %(suggest)s” appears.


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Hi - could you clarify what you're seeing? When I look at that link I see the string to be translated as:

(If you would like to suggest a partner, <a class="contact-us-links" href="%(suggest)s"><strong>go here</strong></a>.)

And the Russian translation currently set to:

(Если вы хотите предложить партнёра, <a class="contact-us-links" href="%(suggest)s"><strong>перейдите сюда</strong></a>.)

I only see one occurrence of %(suggest)s in those strings.