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Expiry options not translated into user's interface language
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What is the problem?

The protect page form shows the expiry options in the site's language, not the user's interface language.

Steps to reproduce problem
  1. Login as an administrator on beta
  2. Go to
  3. Change the dropdown that says "Allow all users" to "Allow only administrators"
  4. Open the "Expires" dropdown

Expected behavior: The expiry options are in English (they say "1 hour", "1 day", "1 week", etc.)
Observed behavior: The expiry options are in Spanish (except the first option "other time")


Wiki(s): MediaWiki 1.38.0-alpha (1d595b2) 07:03 30 nov 2021.

Screenshots (if applicable):

protect_form_language.png (843×978 px, 77 KB)