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Use an image from my own device in a story
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There are going to be cases where:

  • there are no images available to create a Wikistory, or
  • there are few images to choose from, or
  • the images are low quality, or
  • the story creator has a good image on their device that would be better suited to the story.

For the prototype:

  • add a CTA to upload an image
  • allow the user to select an image from their phone
  • show the user a message that helps them understand that they are freely licensing their image for use
Design details
  • Introduce a toolbar that offers users to choose content from Wikipedia or Upload it from their device.
  • Upload screen shows instructions to upload images along with an upload button.
  • Tapping on the upload button will open up the user's device gallery folder to select images.
  • Allow selecting up to 10 images at max. This could depend on whether users have selected images using the search or the article section.
  • Show a message when the image limit is reached.
Upload image 01.png (780×360 px, 354 KB)
Upload image 02.png (780×360 px, 37 KB)
Upload image 03.png (780×360 px, 224 KB)

Figma link

Tech notes

Just from the prototype, I think it might be possible to NOT upload the images at all. It is possible to make data URLs from the selected files and use them in stories as long as the app is alive. See:

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Event Timeline

The image upload screen from Visual Editor could be a good example to follow here

Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 10.09.38 AM.png (1×1 px, 150 KB)

We are going to add more design related information during development phase of it.

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