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Updates to Notifications filters
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Updates to be made based on usability testing
Why are we doing this?

Usability tests were ran using with the aim to test the in-app notification center features with new users (please see parent ticket T297331 for more information). The findings highlighted some areas of improvement mentioned below.

Finding: A tester found it extremely strange that by 'unselecting' all filter types except for one they actually turned on the filters according to the information stated in the empty state & on the bottom of the notification center (it read that 15 filters on, but they actually turned them off. That's not good.

Proposed change(s):

  • Alter copy of empty state screen to make and/or change language on 'Filters' page to improve clarity

Finding: 50% of users recommended having a way to select/deselect all notification types at once on the ‘Filters’ page.
Proposed change(s):

  • Add a toggle that will turn all notification types on/off to improve usability

Changes to the screens are displayed below and can be found in this figma file:

Empty state with copy changes'Filters' page with toggle & added copy
Notification center - Filtered to unread.png (812×375 px, 23 KB)
Notification center - Filters - Read status.png (1×375 px, 89 KB)
Design details

Empty state: There was a copy change in the second line under the illustration

  • From: Remove [ x ] filters to see more messages
  • To: Modify [ x ] filters to see more messages

'Filters' page:

  • All on/off toggle was added above the notification types
    • When toggle is off, then all filters below get toggled off but stay visible. Editor can then toggle each filter on/off individually. Same logic applies when the toggle is on.
  • Copy was added below the master toggle that states "Modify notification types to filter them in/out of your notification inbox. Types that are turned off will not be visible, but their content and any new notifications will be available when the toggle is turned on again."