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New install or upgrade does not populate user_groups table; installed sysop is missing rights
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Author: zigger

Both a new install and an upgrade of 1.4 HEAD result in an empty user_groups
table. The only user in both cases is the default WikiSysop. The user_rights
row has only "read,edit,move,upload" rights for a new install. From memory, the
user_rights row from an upgrade had only "sysop,bureaucrat" rights.

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: critical



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mark_sweep wrote:

I had the same problem in 1.4b3: I first selected a Creative Commons license,
and noticed the warning that says that all form entries will be lost after the
license selection. When I got back from the CC website I filled in the form in
the config script and didn't change the default sysop name. In the end, when I
checked manually in mysql the user table was completely empty and no sysop had
been created. Here's a wild guess: could it be that the sysop field got reset
during the CC excursion? Or is this because I didn't change the default sysop name?

1.4 doesn't have a user_groups table currently.

When you do the CC outing it clears all other fields in the install form.

1.5 on install now populates user_groups for the newly created sysop.