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[Regression!] Special:Watchlist/edit doesn't have wgCanonicalSpecialPageName = "Watchlist"
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On [[Special:Watchlist/edit]] wgCanonicalSpecialPageName used to be set to "Watchlist" (like you can see on which runs 1.16wmf4)

But in 1.17 this is set to false, as if it's not a special page.

This breaks scripts that use wgCanonicalSpecialPageName to execute scripts on the watchlist editor to automatically remove or add things in a batch. wgPageName can't be used since it changes per language and can't be used cross-wiki.

Version: 1.17.x
Severity: major



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Works for me, I have "wgCanonicalSpecialPageName": "Watchlist" in page's source code.

Did you test it on "Special:Watchlist" or "Special:Watchlist/edit" ?

The latter is what this bug is about and both 1.17wmf branch and 1.18alpha translatewiki/trunk do not have a canonical special page name for the edit page, which 1.16 did.



Fixed in r82791; but that's a MW 1.18+ bug.
For the record: I tested the latter.