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#info tooltips don't work in multiple-instance templates
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A simple form and its tempate are included for test


In Semantic Forms 2.0.9, tooltips work very well in a flat form but they doesn't appear the first time we click on "Add another" button (empty ids on tags). nevertheless, when the page is saved, we have access to this feature.

Are you able to reproduce that ?

Here are a few simplified elements in order to reproduce, in attahcment :

Many thanks for your help.

Arnaud M.

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In addition,

A few others features are impacted by this trouble :

  • show / hide functionality for collapsible tables ;
  • "show on select" capabilities.

I grouped these submissions together because I think they are linked one to each other.


user66 wrote:

It would really be great and very helpful if this problem is fixed someday ;-). Tooltips are very helpful and common to describe the meaning of each form field. Thanks!

It's true that SMW's #info tooltips don't show up correctly in new instances; I don't know when, if ever, that will get fixed.

However, the extension SimpleTooltip, which was released in January 2015, is handled correctly in new SF instances - that's one of the reasons it was created. Anyone should feel free to check out the extension here:

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This is now best done with the RegularTooltips extension: