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list=users does not have a property to return user id
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Quering by user is in bug 19195.

It was assumed (from IRC conversations) that getting the user id is not easy (requires multiple requests), however from what I can see it's not readable at all. Not even with multiple requests.

list=allusers, list=usercontribs, list=users, none return the id by default or with a property.

Roan wanted to implement this right away but had to leave. Will file here for him later or for myself if I have the time.

Version: 1.17.x
Severity: enhancement



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What is it needed for? It's just an internal database handle, essentially implementation detail.

On Trunk:

From list=allusers

  <u name="Babel AutoCreate" userid="2" />
  <u name="Reedy" userid="1" />


    <item userid="1" user="Reedy" pageid="1" revid="31" ns="0" title="Main Page" timestamp="2011-02-25T16:01:31Z" top="" comment="source" size="548" />
    <item userid="1" user="Reedy" pageid="1" revid="30" ns="0" title="Main Page" timestamp="2011-02-24T16:19:17Z" minor="" comment="p" size="496" />
    <item userid="1" user="Reedy" pageid="4" revid="29" ns="6" title="File:WFM.png" timestamp="2011-02-24T00:03:41Z" top="" comment="uploaded a new version of &amp;quot;[[File:WFM.png]]&amp;quot;: Test" size="4" />
    <item userid="1" user="Reedy" pageid="1" revid="26" ns="0" title="Main Page" timestamp="2011-02-16T23:32:56Z" comment="{{DISPLAYTITLE:main Page}}" size="496" />
    <item userid="1" user="Reedy" pageid="21" revid="25" ns="1" title="Talk:Main Page" timestamp="2011-02-16T23:20:25Z" new="" top="" comment="Talk page autocreated when first thread was posted" size="0" />
    <item userid="1" user="Reedy" pageid="20" revid="24" ns="90" title="Thread:Talk:Main Page/Test" timestamp="2011-02-16T23:20:24Z" new="" top="" comment="New thread: Test" size="4" />
    <item userid="1" user="Reedy" pageid="1" revid="23" ns="0" title="Main Page" timestamp="2011-02-11T01:13:49Z" comment="Test2" size="468" />
    <item userid="1" user="Reedy" pageid="19" revid="22" ns="0" title="Test2" timestamp="2011-02-11T01:13:41Z" new="" top="" comment="Redirected page to [[wikipedia:Test]]" size="28" />
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    <item userid="1" user="Reedy" pageid="17" revid="19" ns="8" title="MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition" timestamp="2011-02-10T14:10:52Z" new="" top="" comment="one" size="54" />

list=allusers: r71831
list=usercontribs: r71837

list=users is missing