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Add an image: verify source of "no image" edits
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In T296818: Edit erroneously tagged with add image, we identified edits tagged with "add an image" that don't add images, and yet still have the tag. We hypothesize that this is happening because users are toggling out of the image workflow into visual editor. In this task, we want to validate this hypothesis. In the course of doing that, it might be valuable to produce reusable code that will allow us to count up how often this happens in the future.

The question is: for the edits listed below, are these users who started the "add an image" workflow on the article to which they eventually saved the edit, but toggled out of the workflow into visual editor?

If our hypothesis is false, another hypothesis is that these are articles that have "no suggestion found", but for whatever reason do not actually display that dialog to the user, causing them to land on an article with no image workflow and instead have the opportunity to open VE.

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@MMiller_WMF : I removed a duplicate diff from the list in the task description (the third one from cswiki was duplicated). While I think we have enough examples for now, I wanted to let you know in case you had another example you wanted to have there instead.

@nettrom_WMF -- got it, thanks. I just added one more from arwiki.

We learned two things from this investigation: 1) reconnecting tagged edits to the data for the edit sessions that created them can be cumbersome; and 2) edits that were incorrectly tagged appear to happen after the user switched to the Visual Editor at the caption stage of the workflow, then saved their edit.

At this point I don't see us needing to further investigate this issue and I'm resolving this task.