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BBC Requesting Allow-list for Maps API
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Request Status: New Request
Request Type: project support request

Request Title: BBC Requesting Allow-list for Maps API

  • Request Description: A BBC team is requesting to have their application allow-listed for leveraging the Welsh language
  • Indicate Priority Level: Low
  • Main Requestors: @Wittylama
  • Ideal Delivery Date: Launch is July 2022, so prior to then
  • Stakeholders: @SubrahamanyamVarma @Wittylama

Request Documentation

Document TypeRequired?Document/Link
Related PHAB TicketsYes<add links here>
Product One PagerYes<add link here>
Product Requirements Document (PRD)Yes<add link here>
Product RoadmapYes<add link here>
Product Planning/Business CaseNo<add link here>
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For the next steps, I will be creating an initial form for this and future requests to be allow-listed for maps data usage.
A RACI will be created to ensure there is a clear understanding for everyone involved moving forward.

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Request for allow list task submitted to SRE via

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Request has been received from applicant that they be given a definitive answer to this request by Mid-February, in order that they may make alternative arrangements if it is rejected. Is that possible?

Removing inactive task assignee.

JMinor triaged this task as Medium priority.Feb 7 2022, 6:15 PM

Per Seve's comments this appears to be a supportable request well within the intentions of the policy to allow exemptions where we can fill gaps knowledge equity for mission aligned purposes.