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Mobile view links to non-existent translation of Terms of Use
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List of steps to reproduce (step by step, including full links if applicable):

What happens?:
User cannot access Terms of Use in mobile view.

What should have happened instead?:
User should have access to Terms of Use. If it is not available in their language, they should be redirected to the fallback version, which is English.

Other information:

In I asked one of the users who has edit access to WMF wiki to implement a quick workaround by creating the /fa page and making it a redirect to the /en page.

Broadly, however, I think we should either not link to non-existent translations (somehow, we manage to do that in the non-mobile view; whatever we do there could be what we do for mobile view too), or we should create all the missing translation pages as redirects to the /en page.

PS: Should WMF Legal be notified about the fact that many users have not been properly linked to the Terms of Use?

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Sorry, but I do not have edit access to legal related pages on this wiki. I can just use the translation system.

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@Ameisenigel my bad. Thanks to your guidance, I was able to identify another user who can do this: @Urbanecm_WMF
Left him a message on his WMF wiki talk page.

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That is an interesting bug. I suspect there is an outdated link somewhere buried in a zzz or related language file. I will look into this a bit and report back. I think it basically relates to T199812.

Some initial findings:

Alright - so I think it is basically that some of the API service links have not been updated from to for policy pages. I can work on that at some point - but others are welcome to take this ticket if they can get to it before me.

Tested on zhwiki but could not reproduce..
Example page, "使用条款" links to ToU page, and it is linked to English version.

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