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Hathi Upload Request "Voyage of Italy" (replacement file) and Index page move
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Per the instructions given for file transfer/upload request:-

and also bulk migration of page ranges from to the new Index for the uploaded file:-
Old Index:Index:The Voyage of Italy, Part I and Part II.pdf
Old page ranges: (Part I) 1-10(pp.1-10), 17(pp.17), 95-145(pp. 95-45), 148-150(pp. 148-150);
(Part II) 203-205 (pp. 43-44), 213-218 (pp. 53-28), 303-314 (pp. 143-154)
Offset in new index: +46 (i.e Old \1 is now \47)

Thanks in advance.

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@ShakespeareFan00 working on it. FYI you saved it as an ODS, not a CSV.

Also, for simple requests of a book or two (as opposed to a full series), you can also post at Scan Lab and just upload the spreadsheet file at Phab here:, since that might allow others to jump on it if I'm not around (in a few weeks, I'll be less available).