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Different configuration between Wikidata and Wikibase
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I'm working on WikibaseSync ( that can transfer data and update it from Wikibase to Wikibase. At the moment it is mostly focused on Wikibase to Wikidata. Following problem.

In Wikibase I get this error message while copying entities from Wikidata to Wikibase.

modification-failed: Label and description for language code sv can not have the same value.

How is it possible that in Wikidata this can happen and in Wikibase not?

In Wikidata it happens for example here:
label: höjd över havet
description: höjd över havet

(I fixed it because it broke my workflow, but you can see in the history)

Is there a way to configure Wikibase to ignore this? Is this a bug in Wikidata?


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The validation that the label and description can’t be identical was only added relatively recently (T212869), and there may still be items in Wikidata which violate it (it’s only validated when the label or description are edited). There are also other kinds of validation which apply to new edits, but not to existing data, which could probably cause similar issues (e.g. T289417).

Ok, I understand .... is there a plan to run a bot over the data to fix this issue, like removing the description?

Not as far as I’m aware… that would presumably be up to the Wikidata community rather than the dev team.

Do you know someone that has a bot account that runs long updates? ... I can write the pywikibot script .... but I would avoid going through all the approval process ....